Saturday, January 31, 2009

Exciting News! The Creation of our Monthly Newsletter!

It has been an exciting beginning of the year for me and Creative Virtual Office! I have gained some wonderful new clients that are as exciting as the work that they provide me with. I have began to expand my services to include Authors and I'm hoping to expand into Business Coaches too!

Because my business is growing, I have decided to have a logo created by a fellow mom-entrepreneur. I hope to have the logo created by the middle of February. I have also signed up for business coaching. My hopes are to learn more about myself and develop a clearer picture of where I see me and my business going in 2009. With the creation of my new logo, I will be able to send out my newly created newsletter: "Creative News and Notes" with my logo attached! I'm also working on having a wonderful company develop personalized blog sites for both of my blogs!

"Creative News and Notes" is created with Virtual Assistants and their clients in mind. I hope to include a Virtual Assistant spotlight, highlighting a new Virtual Assistant or a new niche every month. There will be a section dedicated to time management advice, interesting new websites and technologies and upcoming events! So don't forget to sign up and stay tuned for the first issue!

If you are interested in being interviewed for the first issue or have an upcoming event that you would like me to include, please send me an email: