Friday, April 3, 2009

Lesson Learned

Okay, here is some free piece of advice that I learned today. I had a woman contact me regarding including a MeetUp group that I hold. I organize two MeetUp groups: one for Virtual Assistants in the Baltimore area and one for Scrapbookers. Well this woman was writing an article about local Scrapbook MeetUps in the area and asked if she include mine. I jumped at the chance, who wouldn't like a little free publicity, right?

She contacts me this morning to let me know that the article is up and running and to please share it with others. I go to the article's website and share it across quite a few social bookmarking and networking sites. THEN I read the article...the link to my MeetUp group is not included in the list of all the other MeetUp groups. Needless to say, I was a little irritated, but mostly irritated with myself. I sent the woman an email, but the damage is already done...I just advertised for about 10 other MeetUps, that have the same goal as mine and within close proximity.

So, lesson learned, just like you shouldn't sign something before reading it, make sure you read something to make sure all of your information is correct (and even included) before blasting it across the Internet!